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Professional Garage Door Spray Painter

Are you satisfied with the functioning of your garage door?

Is your Garage Door Perfectly functional and doesn't need replacing but your not pleased with its appearance? Collins & Steel provides a speedy and efficient Garage Door Spray Painting Service to both homeowners and commercial organizations.

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Can you respray a garage door ? 

Certainly! Repainting a garage door is feasible regardless of its type. It's crucial to take the material of the door into account to ensure that you prepare and paint it correctly. If you opt for our garage door spray service, we can apply a professional coating to your door, regardless of its material.

  • PVC / UPVC Garage Doors

  • Wooden Garage Doors

  • Fibreglass Garage Doors

  • GRP Garage Doors

  • Aluminium/Metal/Steel Garage Doors

  • Roller Shutter Doors

  • Domestic or Commercial sizes

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Didn't Think this was achievable in a day ?

Our garage door spray paint service aims to transform and also strengthen your existing garage door, frames and trim. Our special garage door spray paint will add protection against all weathering and will give your garage door a new lease of life. 

Cobham Garage Doors.jpg

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